Will 2020-2021 be the school year you FINALLY prioritize your own mental and physical wellness? 

Educator Wellness Groups are here!

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6 weeks of support

45 minute calls 1x/week via Zoom. Text and virtual support available between calls. 

Small Group Coaching

Limited to 6 participants per group for individualized support for YOUR goals

Convenient Times

Begin the week of 9/8
Tuesdays 7pm EST
Thursdays 4:15pm EST
Saturdays 9am EST

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Meet your coach

Alyson Hendry, M.A. CCC-SLP, Integrative Health Coach. 
As a SLP, I believe that each child deserves to find their voice, and be heard and honored.  
As an educator, I believe that it is our magic power to help students find the pathway to their abilities.  
As a health coach, I believe that our schools and communities need to make staff and student wellness NON NEGOTIABLE. We cannot work, teach, or learn effectively if our bodies and brains are not being taken care of.  
I have studied habits, nutrition, mindfulness, exercise over the last 10 years and have helped hundreds of my colleagues, friends, and family get healthier. It is my passion to help others find and nourish the best parts of themselves. 
I invite you to join me for this individualized, small group coaching series to help take care of YOU this year.
You deserve it. 

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Groups begin September 8!