Who/What is Speech and Movement?

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020
Welcome. I am glad you are here.  
My name is Alyson Hendry, I am the owner and creator of Speech and Movement.  I am a bilingual speech language pathologist (SLP) and an integrative nutrition health coach.  Growing up, I always knew I wanted to help others (I am a Type 2 on the enneagram, after all).  I went to college, became a SLP and moved from my home state of Missouri to Texas to work with bilingual and Spanish speaking children and families. I worked in public schools for nearly a decade. In the schools, I helped a lot of children, educators, and families, but for me, just focusing on speech and language didn’t feel like enough. So many of my students were dealing with other issues on top of learning and language difficulties- poverty, unstable homes, limited access to healthy food, outdoor space and physical movement- all of which impacts their brain and physical development.  Many of the educators I worked with were  trying to...
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